Blush is Beautiful

Sporting a pair of blush LOFT jeans (recycled from last winter)
One more week with the boot!
Double-Cloth Sabrina Coat I fell in love with!- J. Crew
InStyle- December 2013
InStyle- December 2013
VOGUE- December 2013

Beautiful “Cardigan with Pearl Necklace” sweater I spotted at- ZARA 

While perusing the pages of Vogue and InStyle this week, it has become apparent that blush is beautiful, and most definitely in this season. Pink is a classic favorite and can be beautiful in every aspect of an outfit. Fortunately I still have a pair of blush jeans from last year, and during my black Friday shopping, I got a glimpse of some of the ways we can incorporate this winter staple into our wardrobes.


3 thoughts on “Blush is Beautiful

  1. Blush is rad! I like colored pants but I always have trouble finding a shirt that matches without being extremely plain or too colorful. What colors besides white do you suggest for blush and mint?

  2. Sandi-On the flip side of white, you can always opt for a black or charcoal top to pair with either blush or mint. Also, you can definitely rock some metallics with those colors, or if that isn't quite your style, finding a plaid or striped shirt that incorporates the color of your pants is a sure bet.For both mint and blush, I also recommend navy, and you can tie it all together through different pieces of jewelry in those shades.Hope that helps!-SK

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