6 Ideas for Sparkling Through the Golden Season

This skirt from Madewell was my favorite find of my adventure for glitz. I paired it with a *very* warm sweater I purchased from Loft on Black Friday, and even this quick match went perfectly. I am nearly positive this will be part of my New Years Eve ensemble.

If you are seeking a little less bling you can also try this toned down sweater that boasts a bit of sparkles on the shoulders. This is perfect for class or work, and you could definitely use it as an all day outfit. Dress it up by throwing on a cute solid skirt and pair it with a pair of heels in almost any color, the black makes it very versatile.- Loft (Having a 50% sale on this sweater right now!)

Gold is obviously the color of choice this season, as demonstrated by the uniquely textured dress on the cover of the December issue of “InStyle” and I found a few ways you can accessorize with the color as well. In the top right photo is a bottle of Essie polish in “Penny Talk” (which is actually more of a gold than a copper). In the bottom right corner you will find my trusty card holder. I tend to lose everything and was advised by many to get one of these. It is so nifty, stylish, and I haven’t misplaced my metro card since! My mother actually picked this up for me at a yard sale years ago, but there are several similar finds online, for example this Kate Spade

If you are looking for something appropriate for a more formal setting, but still want the shine, this shift skirt from Loft fits the bill.

Finally, if you love gold tooling, and you’re looking for something fun and chic for a night out, this Teen Vogue skirt from Macy’s is a great pick.

The are literally TONS of ways you can incorporate gold into your wardrobe right now, from a classic watch to a crazy pair of pants (I’ll feature said crazy pants in the future). Metallics in general are hot for this holiday season and don’t feel like you can’t throw some gold in your every day attire. There are plenty of ways to keep it from being too flashy (see above) and when you do want that pizzaz, it’s easier than ever to find. Have fun shopping!


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