Glam it up!

Sporting the glam look while waiting on the metro. Leather skirt (similar)-H&M or H&M, Shirt (similar)- J. Crew Necklace (similar)- Loft (50% off sale on everything right now!)

Love this black friday Loft find!

When trying to decide how I wanted to do my nails for this outfit I stopped in my local CVS and found this amazing polish. It is so chic, and comes in several colors. Polish- Maybelline

I’m in love with these gloves, and definitely purchasing them. You can style them as glam, or even as an everyday item.- People

Although black is typically associated with the “glam” style, glam style can include other colors, including this white jacket with sparkles. It is chic, and makes a statement.- People

With this quilted Michael Kors leather jacket you can glam up a brightly colored dress- (Similar) Michael Kors

This clutch is definitely not in my collection of items, but it’s definitely glam and I found it rather amusing. My coworker suggested if we purchased them we could use them as weapons as well as accessories.

This clutch, on the other hand, is much more in line with my fashion sense. I love the tassels!

I’m kind of in love with these Calvin Klein boots.

My coworker Jenna helped model this spectacular necklace for me. We both fell in love with it. Gold is definitely my preference over silver, and this cool ombre effect is phenomenal.

This bracelet has enough bling to glam up any outfit, and could add a great pop of color to a darker ensemble.

A glam style is incredibly popular right now, and I love it. Leather (or pleather) was pretty popular circa 5th grade, and I’m glad it’s back! You can buy leather tops or skirts or accessories in almost any store right now for a very reasonable price. You can throw a large jeweled accessory on, like the bracelet above or even a cool pin to add an interesting piece to your outfit. Hopefully some of the examples above are helpful, and give me a shoutout as to what your favorite glam pieces are, or tag me in a photo on Instagram! I’m a pretty avid Instagrammer so I would love to see your photos :).


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