Big Day in the City

Brunch at The Spotted Pig



20131224-215145.jpgYou can find amazing deals on statement pieces in the city at little shops. This was less than $15!

20131224-215108.jpg                                       Prada Jacket ❤                                   

20131224-215336.jpgFig and Olive, a wonderful dining experience!


20131224-215158.jpgThe skyline at night, beautiful

20131224-215448.jpgFashion Avenue, arguably the best street in the city.

It’s been about a hundred years since I posted a blog post. I blame this on work and LSAT studying, vacations, etc. Basically things have been pretty crazy. However, I wanted to give this glance of my first trip to NYC! The city was amazing, and I definitely fell in love. This is almost sure to be my future home. Everyone knows that New York is known for high fashion, and with this last week of NYFW taking place, based on all of the amazing videos and photos I have seen, fashion packed a pretty strong punch. It was so exciting to see the lines that are being put off, some of my personal favorites include the jewel-encrusted designs by Tory Burch and the fun and crazy Steve Madden line partnered with The Blonde Salad (one of my personal favorite bloggers!) I will be going back in just a few weeks and will be sure to have lots more fun and beautiful fashion to share.


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