Making Vintage Current

My mother has told me since I was a little girl “Fashion always repeats itself. Man I wish I would’ve held onto those bell bottom jeans we would be rich now!”

Vintage styles come in all shapes and sizes (oviously, becaue at this rate virtually everything can be considered vintage-style). This past week in London, I have seen this manifested repeatedly. Not to say the creations are not unique or indivualistic, but over and over you see some tie to one particular era or another. In the photograph above, Tata Naka produces an absolutely gorgeous dress, paired with a wildly retro backdrop.

The photo above gives me an almost Austin Powers-esque feeling about this style, shown on the runway as part of the Mary Katrantzou collection. Personally, I’m not a fan of how this was carried out, but I have ideas of how it could be restructured and shortened into something much nicer and practical.

As you can see from some of my personal items below, you can wear actual vintage clothing, and make it work both professionally and casually. Or, you can style something brand new to get that retro feel. It doesn’t have to be all clothing either. I have several pieces of vintage jewelry and handbags that were passed on to me from my Mother and Grandmother over this Christmas holiday, and I have managed to find several ways to work them into my more updated, modern outfits.

This skirt pictured above came from my cousin, an attorney, and while it may scream 90’s it’s easy to pull off with an updated, jeweled sweater.

I challenged myself to put together a blend of vintage and current for an updated, wearable style, and the above photo is what I came up with. Tortoise shell jewelry and combs date back centuries, and is making a most serious comeback. I recently purchased this necklace, and paired with the statement-making crystals, it adds a nice touch. The elbow patches on the sweater, all the rage currently, originated from individuals literally patching their clothing rather than purchasing something new. Finally, the clutch pictured here is an old cigarette case my mother has had for ages, (back before we knew smoking was terrible, right?) Incorporating vintage style into your clothing is a creative (and sometimes much cheaper!) way to personalize your look and set yourself apart. Comment below to let me know if you have any other great ideas for ways to mix it up or any great family heirloom stories to share.


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