Electronic Mural- PS I’m Back!



Hello all, I sincerely apologize for the delay in posts! As I let everyone know on my Instagram- SK_OnTheRun, I have spent the last few months prepping for and taking the LSAT (It went well!). I was also preparing for trial at work and that wicked combination did not allow for copious amounts of free time to gather quality photos or conduct any sort of historical research. So, I decided to take a break and return whenever I had the opportunity to actually devote the time and energy into Life On The Run that I wanted to dedicate for top notch posts.

While on my brief sabbatical, I did manage to compile a small amount of neat information to share with all of you so look forward to a very fun post on the Downton Abbey costume exhibit coming soon in addition to the ever-enjoyable general outfit posts to come as well. Thank you again for bearing with me and I look forward to sharing and interacting with all of you again!

PS- This photo was taken in a really neat area on the way to Chinatown in DC. The pavilion has a constantly shifting electronic mural with really neat colors and pixellations, so that is how this image came about.

| Shoeshttp://www.articleand.com/dolce-vita-nanette.html | Top– TJ Maxx | Baghttp://www.toryburch.com/thea-triple-zip-compartment-satchel/22149655.html?start=15&cgid=handbags-thea-collection&dwvar_22149655_color=001  (Similar) | Necklace– Francescas | Skirt– Nordstrom Rack |


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