Hamptons Summertime

10351903_10152713730611062_1491086819626446608_n10603518_10107061050330424_6195719473344611789_n10614134_10103570483848590_2456058206087888705_n10636155_10103562556001060_8083589804914807518_nphoto 3 (22)photo 4 (19)photo 2 (27)IMG_9556.JPG

Last weekend a group of friends and I spent an amazing weekend up by the Hamptons in Greenport Harbor. We stayed in a phenomenal house and had loads of fun on the trip, hitchiking to the beach (hitchboating, I suppose would be more accurate terminology?), eating at ridiculously delicious restaurants and just generally enjoying ourselves around the town and house. The weather was cool, and the area has a very laid back atmosphere, so outfits tended to be keyed towards this look. Jeans and big, fun floppy hats with a smear of red lipstick to provide a bit of glamour were my go-to.

1- |Dress- Forever 21 (Very Old) | Lipstick- Sephora “Always Red” | Sunglasses- Ray-Ban |Bag- Kate Spade (similar) |
2- | Jeans- J Brand | Top- Anthropologie |
3- | Jeans- Flying Monkey (Similar)|




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