Spanish Inspired Streets






I spent a few days in St. Augustine, Florida with my four best friends last week and had a truly wonderful time enjoying their company and my first real vacation since I began working over a year ago. St. Augustine has two key factors that make me love the city. First, it’s a gorgeous beach town and second, which I appreciate perhaps even more, it’s the oldest city in America. Channeling the beachy, vintage feel of the city I kept it simple and polished with loose curls and braids surrounded by colorful Spanish scenery.

Fun history fact about St. Augustine- MLK Jr. spent a significant portion of time successfully rallying for civil rights in the area, including dealing with the aftermath of a horrible incident where a hotel owner poured acid into a swimming pool in opposition to protesting. (I wrote a paper on this in college, growing up near the city I never knew any of this and found it fascinating!)

| Top- Charlotte Russe | Skirt- J. Crew | Necklace- Century 21 | Lipstick- Sephora Cream Lip Stain |


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