Rag & Bone- Designer Insider


I constantly find myself adding to and refining my personal style. If you have followed along with Life On The Run for very long or follow me on Instagram at SK_Ontherun then you probably have noticed that I often employ a fairly classic style. I love navy, black and white, and I find ways to incorporate these shades with bright pops of colors, florals or tribal patterns, particularly on my jeans/skirts. However, I’ve found myself drawn to an edgier street-style lately. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been getting more involved with LookBook and have found a lot of inspiration from those users, or that I’ve been spending more time in NYC surrounded by the look. Be what it may I’ve decided to write my first designer research post on Rag and Bone, and model this look after their style carrying one of their bags.

If you are unfamiliar with Rag & Bone, take a moment to click the link and check out their website to familiarize yourself with their products. As you can see, they have an edgier style showcasing a lot of black, metal and sleek looks. When I view their items I picture the standard image someone may imagine of a high-fashion model strutting down the runway, though they tone the pieces down a bit for a genuinely wearable look for the average man or woman on the street. For their current season campaign they are working with Winona Ryder to serve as the face of the campaign. Check out this link for some of their amazing looks they debuted on the runway for the 2014 Fall/Winter collection. You will find lots of plaid as well as red/burgundy accents and accessories. I don’t adore their particular use of plaid, but I love the creative ways they threw color into each simplistic look. They even have these really swell sweatpants designed to look just like jeans! Additionally, one of my favorite facts about the brand is that prior to working on their company within the last ten years, the founders had no prior fashion experience. It goes to show that you can succeed if you have an interest and a goal even if you don’t necessarily have the background to pad you along the way.

I visited their Georgetown store and was incredibly impressed by the friendly and outgoing sales personnel. That was part of the allure that brought me back into their store for a second and final look when making my purchase. I decided on the Enfield Chain Bag as my birthday gift from Brett (he doesn’t like to pick out gifts, and he told me he never would have thought to get me this). I was immediately drawn to the Iron Grey color, but I know myself and I knew that was going to be impractical for daily wear, and when investing in designer bags I typically aim to purchase something I can use in different settings and as often as I wish. So, instead, I opted for the more versatile black option. See photos above for how I styled the bag this week upon my return from vacation.

Check out the brand Spring/Summer collection they debuted at NYFW yesterday!

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