Medieval to Modern, A Present Day Princess

Typically when we think of the Medieval times our thoughts jump to knights and ladies, dragons and princesses, or if you are less of a romantic, maybe your thoughts drift to the Black Death. As a history major, and this being my first true historical post, I can share a bit of my background. All throughout high school especially, the Medieval times was one of my favorite subjects to study. I enjoy the social and cultural history associated with different time eras rather than the military or economic factors that some historians prefer. So of course it makes sense that I would be interested in the types of clothing worn during this time period. This post will focus specifically on women, though I plan to write one for my male readers in the future! Pictured below is an image many of us may call up when we think of typical women’s dress.


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Personally, I often picture someone most of us may avidly follow if not for her clothing, at least for her amusing brother’s antics (the one she isn’t in love with)– Cersei Lannister. Any GOT enthusiasts like myself probably have quite a warped imagery in our head associated with Medieval clothing. 


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As a huge fan of Wikipedia, with little time on her hands to do some serious research today, I would like to spit these facts at you, take them as you will. As it stands based on our current understanding, the common folk wore pretty basic clothing consisting primarily of wool and cotton, some fur as well. I was a little surprised to read this, though it does make sense as fur has been a staple of clothing throughout the centuries. (I’m sure we all know the rage that fur took this winter. Pro or not, nearly everyone was wearing some form of it, faux or real) Even these earmuffs (which are amazingly warm by the way) rock the fur.


This photo from New York Fashion Week of fashion consultant Lily Koong in her fur Michael Kors top is just smashing. I love the collar it pulls in and the blush combo, and she displays that fur isn’t going anywhere this season.


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The article also discusses the embellishments displayed on the clothing of the members of higher (richer) classes, on exotic fabrics including Asian silk. In the photo below, I display a modern twist on these embellishments with a lace and gold sheer top.


Finally, one of the greatest legacies (in my opinion) that we still hold onto in this era and have evolved into many, many different forms is the plaited aka braided hair style. All Things Medieval: An Encyclopedia of the Medieval World explains that during the Medieval times, one of the most popular hair styles women wore was a simple two braids, pigtails if you will. Currently, we have added much more pizzaz to this concept. But we do thank our ancestors for the visionary seeds they sowed. See below for some examples of braids we incorporate into our looks daily.


This is just a quick braid my former roommate Brooke threw in. (She is a master of hair)


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These two photos are of Instagrammer _Tilly_W_ and her adorable daughter and their twist on the plaiting style (the latter adapted from Kim Kardashian). Check out her Pinterest at

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