Distressed Dungarees


Overalls. Love them or hate them, they are making a comeback and I’m personally a huge fan. I vividly remember the Winnie The Pooh dungarees (a British-coined term) I lived in as a young tot and I say with total honesty that if someone recreated them for me I would rock that look like it was 1998. This is certainly a more “grown up” (whatever that means) manifestation, and I tried to keep it fresh and unique by pairing them with a polka dot button down that I adore from UNIQLO. I’ve noticed a lot of people have been pairing overalls with stripes, so if that is more your speed it’s also pretty easy to pull off. There is also the option of no shirt, which I have seen trending, but personally I think that’s a dangerously precarious option. Wikipedia (one of my favorite go-to sources) makes reference to “Shortalls” and “Skirtalls.” I’ve never heard an article of clothing referred to by those terms in my life, but it’s a pretty swell way of being more specific for other overall options. So what say you about the repeat trend- yea or nay?

| Overalls- Similar | Shoes- Steve Madden (Old)- Similar | Belt- Ann Taylor | Bag- Steve Madden | Watch- Michael Kors | Necklace- Century 21 | Nails- American Apparel| Top- UNIQLO |


Medieval to Modern, A Present Day Princess

Typically when we think of the Medieval times our thoughts jump to knights and ladies, dragons and princesses, or if you are less of a romantic, maybe your thoughts drift to the Black Death. As a history major, and this being my first true historical post, I can share a bit of my background. All throughout high school especially, the Medieval times was one of my favorite subjects to study. I enjoy the social and cultural history associated with different time eras rather than the military or economic factors that some historians prefer. So of course it makes sense that I would be interested in the types of clothing worn during this time period. This post will focus specifically on women, though I plan to write one for my male readers in the future! Pictured below is an image many of us may call up when we think of typical women’s dress.


Image courtesy of armstreet.com

Personally, I often picture someone most of us may avidly follow if not for her clothing, at least for her amusing brother’s antics (the one she isn’t in love with)– Cersei Lannister. Any GOT enthusiasts like myself probably have quite a warped imagery in our head associated with Medieval clothing. 


Image courtesy of hieloyfuego.wikia.com

As a huge fan of Wikipedia, with little time on her hands to do some serious research today, I would like to spit these facts at you, take them as you will. As it stands based on our current understanding, the common folk wore pretty basic clothing consisting primarily of wool and cotton, some fur as well. I was a little surprised to read this, though it does make sense as fur has been a staple of clothing throughout the centuries. (I’m sure we all know the rage that fur took this winter. Pro or not, nearly everyone was wearing some form of it, faux or real) Even these earmuffs (which are amazingly warm by the way) rock the fur.


This photo from New York Fashion Week of fashion consultant Lily Koong in her fur Michael Kors top is just smashing. I love the collar it pulls in and the blush combo, and she displays that fur isn’t going anywhere this season.


Photo courtesy of Cosmopolitan.com

The article also discusses the embellishments displayed on the clothing of the members of higher (richer) classes, on exotic fabrics including Asian silk. In the photo below, I display a modern twist on these embellishments with a lace and gold sheer top.


Finally, one of the greatest legacies (in my opinion) that we still hold onto in this era and have evolved into many, many different forms is the plaited aka braided hair style. All Things Medieval: An Encyclopedia of the Medieval World explains that during the Medieval times, one of the most popular hair styles women wore was a simple two braids, pigtails if you will. Currently, we have added much more pizzaz to this concept. But we do thank our ancestors for the visionary seeds they sowed. See below for some examples of braids we incorporate into our looks daily.


This is just a quick braid my former roommate Brooke threw in. (She is a master of hair)


Photo courtesy of Instagrammer/Blogger styledbydede
Check out her blog at www.styledbydede.blogspot.com


These two photos are of Instagrammer _Tilly_W_ and her adorable daughter and their twist on the plaiting style (the latter adapted from Kim Kardashian). Check out her Pinterest at www.pinterest.com/tilly1588/

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A Focused Blog is Born


Yesterday as I sat ruminating in the *beautiful* sunshine, I had the greatest itch to write a blog post. Surely that’s a good sign. In creating this blog, I’ve received a lot of intrinsic gratification. I’m improving my web design abilities, I’m meeting and networking with like-minded people who also love fashion, I’m researching a topic that I love, I’m learning about new designers and styles, I’ve found an outlet to consistently write, and finally, I have become even more fashionable in my daily life as I am more conscious of the latest styles and trends, and sharing my looks to my followers. It’s been a great thing. However, I have struggled with finding a particular focus that I want to convey. I enjoy looking at other blogs that are generally strictly outfit posts, but personally I would like to write something with a bit more substance and research, mostly because I enjoy doing the behind the scenes work. I’ve found some incredibly cerebral blogs, with thought provoking posts, but most are not necessarily as focused on fashion as they are on current events or news. I also have stumbled across lots of wonderful photos of food, but I know I don’t cook nearly enough to justify a food blog. Maybe a random post once in a while when I’m feeling particularly proud.

But, after thinking it over, I’ve decided I am going to create a model for weekly posts to keep myself consistent and allow readers the opportunity to follow a regularly updated, focused blog. So, by combining my passions I am going to write as follows:

1- On Mondays, I will post an “outfit post,” consisting of one or more of my favorite looks from the previous week, or if I go somewhere special the looks I incorporated there.

2- On Wednesdays, I will post a “history” post, where I reach back to different eras and pull from the styles they followed and demonstrate how it is/can be incorporated into the present.

3- On… the weekend in general because I can’t promise a Friday/Saturday/Sunday specific post as I enjoy adventuring on those days… I will post a “high fashion” post that pulls research from the runways or shoots of the hottest current designers and incorporate it into normal daily style.

Below you can see some of my favorite looks I wore last week. Tune in for Wednesday, I’m thinking something Medieval may be in store…


It was a rainy day, but it was finally starting to get warm!

Shoes{Gap} Coat {Cotton On} Bag {Kate Spade} Sidewalk {Wet}
photo (17)

I really enjoy the double necklace layering lately. This was my Valentine’s Day ensemble I wore to dinner ❤

Skirt {J.Crew} Watch {Michael Kors} Sweater {Nordstrom Rack} Statement Necklace {Francesca’s} Silver Necklace {Tiffany’s}

photo (18)

And finally, I went with the ultra-feminine pink paired with some trendy wide-legged white trousers.

Pants {Vintage Thrifted} Belt {Francesca’s} Shirt {Gap} Statement Necklace {Pink Pineapple Collection}

Big Day in the City

Brunch at The Spotted Pig



20131224-215145.jpgYou can find amazing deals on statement pieces in the city at little shops. This was less than $15!

20131224-215108.jpg                                       Prada Jacket ❤                                   

20131224-215336.jpgFig and Olive, a wonderful dining experience!


20131224-215158.jpgThe skyline at night, beautiful

20131224-215448.jpgFashion Avenue, arguably the best street in the city.

It’s been about a hundred years since I posted a blog post. I blame this on work and LSAT studying, vacations, etc. Basically things have been pretty crazy. However, I wanted to give this glance of my first trip to NYC! The city was amazing, and I definitely fell in love. This is almost sure to be my future home. Everyone knows that New York is known for high fashion, and with this last week of NYFW taking place, based on all of the amazing videos and photos I have seen, fashion packed a pretty strong punch. It was so exciting to see the lines that are being put off, some of my personal favorites include the jewel-encrusted designs by Tory Burch and the fun and crazy Steve Madden line partnered with The Blonde Salad (one of my personal favorite bloggers!) I will be going back in just a few weeks and will be sure to have lots more fun and beautiful fashion to share.