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I just wanted to drop a quick friendly note to let all of you fantastic followers know that I have shifted sites, and will no longer be actively using “Life On The Run” anymore. No worries though! I now have my brand new, shiny, self-hosted website The Fashion Investigator. If you have been following for very long, then you know that my content has always been fairly research based and that I enjoy sharing information about history, trends, and designers with all of you. I’m a nerd, and I love to learn about this material! The Fashion Investigator is just a more focused, better-branded opportunity to do that, and I have the ability to customize things quite a bit more. If any of you have any questions, concerns, or would like to submit any questions for the site that you might have about fashion or beauty, or you would just like to have chats, then please email me at SK@TheFashionInvestigator.com. Additionally, for all of my Instagram followers, you all have probably already noticed this shift, as my Instagram handle has shifted to Fashion_Investigator and my Twitter followers also, my handle is FashionInvstgtr. Everyone will still receive updates from my new site, everything is automatically transferred. Guys, thank you SO much for all of your support on this blogging path, and I am excited to receive feedback from all of you and to share a love for fashion! Here is a sneak peek of my upcoming post on The Fashion Investigator for tomorrow… Serious love and affection to all of you! -Shian


Spanish Inspired Streets






I spent a few days in St. Augustine, Florida with my four best friends last week and had a truly wonderful time enjoying their company and my first real vacation since I began working over a year ago. St. Augustine has two key factors that make me love the city. First, it’s a gorgeous beach town and second, which I appreciate perhaps even more, it’s the oldest city in America. Channeling the beachy, vintage feel of the city I kept it simple and polished with loose curls and braids surrounded by colorful Spanish scenery.

Fun history fact about St. Augustine- MLK Jr. spent a significant portion of time successfully rallying for civil rights in the area, including dealing with the aftermath of a horrible incident where a hotel owner poured acid into a swimming pool in opposition to protesting. (I wrote a paper on this in college, growing up near the city I never knew any of this and found it fascinating!)

| Top- Charlotte Russe | Skirt- J. Crew | Necklace- Century 21 | Lipstick- Sephora Cream Lip Stain |

Hamptons Summertime

10351903_10152713730611062_1491086819626446608_n10603518_10107061050330424_6195719473344611789_n10614134_10103570483848590_2456058206087888705_n10636155_10103562556001060_8083589804914807518_nphoto 3 (22)photo 4 (19)photo 2 (27)IMG_9556.JPG

Last weekend a group of friends and I spent an amazing weekend up by the Hamptons in Greenport Harbor. We stayed in a phenomenal house and had loads of fun on the trip, hitchiking to the beach (hitchboating, I suppose would be more accurate terminology?), eating at ridiculously delicious restaurants and just generally enjoying ourselves around the town and house. The weather was cool, and the area has a very laid back atmosphere, so outfits tended to be keyed towards this look. Jeans and big, fun floppy hats with a smear of red lipstick to provide a bit of glamour were my go-to.

1- |Dress- Forever 21 (Very Old) | Lipstick- Sephora “Always Red” | Sunglasses- Ray-Ban |Bag- Kate Spade (similar) |
2- | Jeans- J Brand | Top- Anthropologie |
3- | Jeans- Flying Monkey (Similar)|



Little Black Dress, Lotta Starbucks

Look DownGarage
Fence Blur
Starbucks Garage
Cup Details
Down The Stairs Fence Smile
On Towel

Stairs Look to Side
Garage Straight On Walk up Stairs

When I put this outfit together, I had zero intentions of writing a post about it. My goal was to go to Georgetown, pick up some new foundation and lipstick and perhaps peruse some of my favorite stores (shoutout Kate Spade, Tory Burch, Barneys New York, Madewell) for birthday present options, surely to be a purse or watch. Sidenote- my birthday is next week and I am pretty stoked. I love birthdays, and I am going home to Florida for a week to spend time with my friends and parents, go to the beach, hit up my favorite coffee shop (shoutout Karma Cream– seriously if you’re ever in Gainesville, FL go there!) and watch the Gators have a hopefully-improved season opening game of football.

Moving on- Brett and I decided to go on an adventure to our favorite spot in DC, a hidden little place right near Georgetown to relax in nature and read books (we are cool, no shame in my nerd game). As evidenced by literally every photo, I also enjoyed a half-priced Iced Blackberry Mojito Tea Lemonade from Starbucks. Until the end of this very-nearly-ending summer you can get your own half priced beverage too, post 2 pm. Whilst on this adventure, I found lots of fun places to take photos, and the above are some fun ones.

| Dress- Incredibly Old (Similar) | Shoes- Article& Article& Article& (on sale!) | Bag- Kate Spade (similar)  | Nails- Nails Inc. Soho Place Gel Effect |

Electronic Mural- PS I’m Back!



Hello all, I sincerely apologize for the delay in posts! As I let everyone know on my Instagram- SK_OnTheRun, I have spent the last few months prepping for and taking the LSAT (It went well!). I was also preparing for trial at work and that wicked combination did not allow for copious amounts of free time to gather quality photos or conduct any sort of historical research. So, I decided to take a break and return whenever I had the opportunity to actually devote the time and energy into Life On The Run that I wanted to dedicate for top notch posts.

While on my brief sabbatical, I did manage to compile a small amount of neat information to share with all of you so look forward to a very fun post on the Downton Abbey costume exhibit coming soon in addition to the ever-enjoyable general outfit posts to come as well. Thank you again for bearing with me and I look forward to sharing and interacting with all of you again!

PS- This photo was taken in a really neat area on the way to Chinatown in DC. The pavilion has a constantly shifting electronic mural with really neat colors and pixellations, so that is how this image came about.

| Shoeshttp://www.articleand.com/dolce-vita-nanette.html | Top– TJ Maxx | Baghttp://www.toryburch.com/thea-triple-zip-compartment-satchel/22149655.html?start=15&cgid=handbags-thea-collection&dwvar_22149655_color=001  (Similar) | Necklace– Francescas | Skirt– Nordstrom Rack |

Bohemian Spring

hair hand head- edited

look down- edited
stare at sun-edited

lay 1-edited

stairs stand- edited
behind- edited

shian stairs smirk- edited

smile side- edited

fix hair- edited

Now that the weather is so nice, I’m making an effort to spend every moment outside. Spending time near the Capitol was a great way to do that, and in between lots of LSAT studying we managed to take photos in some really beautiful locations!
Top-Nordstrom Rack | Shorts-Thrifted | Necklaces -Swarovski (heart) Tiffany & Co. (Green circle) | Shoes– Platos | Belt– Francesca’s Collection | Bracelet– Thrifted, Century 21 | Bag– Madewell

Cherry Blossom Festival

Really Happy edited
Just feet
Gorgeous Tree
Shian unhappy monument edit
Painting 2
Shi Carousel 2 edited
Details Necklace
Shi in tree 2

This weekend, one of my good friends and fellow sorority sister alumni came into DC for the first time just to see the cherry blossoms we have to offer. We went down to the Tidal Basin, where they are in full bloom, and they were absolutely gorgeous. I actually had no plans to go there, but I’m so glad she came down because I would have missed one of the most lovely things my new home has to offer. (There were, however, tons of tourists, which was insane and rather overwhelming!) For this look I chose something summery and cheery to celebrate the warmest day of the year thus far, and I was so happy to be in shorts! Originally, I started the day in a pair of sandals I had just purchased (Joe’s) and on my way there the shoes broke. Thus, I popped into H&M and got these cute, extremely cheap tennis shoes. Brief fun history lesson- Did you know the Japanese gifted the DC cherry blossom trees to the United States in 1912? As a history nut, it was very interesting to hear about how this occurred. In recognition of our friendly ties to Japan, the country gifted America with several thousand trees, the first two being planted in the exact same spot I stood by our very own first lady Helen Taft, and the wife of the ambassador involved in the transfer. (http://www.nationalcherryblossomfestival.org/about/history/)

Top– Cotton On | Shorts– Nordstrom Rack | Shoes– H&M | Necklace– Bealls Outlet | Watch- Michael Kors | Shoes– H&M | Bag- Top Shop | Sunglasses– RayBan